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Delicious Dividers for Your Garden

Like most petite front gardens, there is a need for separation from the street, along with ways to delineate smaller spaces. Instead of building walls or planting hedges, choose dividers made from edibles: ‘Enchantment’ tomatoes and ‘Straight Eight’ cucumbers on wooden frames strung with wire trellising. Between the yard and the street, install low redwood fencing […]

Edible Garden-Combine Pretty and Practical

Some of the most striking gardens combine the pretty and the practical. In addition to being beautiful, flowers draw pollinators such as bees, as well as other “good” insects (ladybugs and lacewings) that help control the “bad” ones (aphids and caterpillars). It’s a better way to boost plant health than using chemical pesticides, which wipe […]

Green Your Garden-Repurpose Materials

We’re not just talking about secondhand patio furniture and reclaimed fencing here. Gardeners are reusing unconventional items, like computer motherboards. Reusing unconventional items can create an interesting focal point and conversation piece while helping Mother Earth. What neighbors and local businesses consider trash could become decorative (and useful) elements that make your yard truly unique.

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We Did a Little Spring Cleaning Too!

We listened to your feedback and have been busy creating your new Discount Organic & Natural Superstore!  Not only does the new website run SUPER fast (really, test it for yourself), but it also runs seamlessly across all your electronic devices- shop easily on your tablet, your desktop, and even your smartphone-how smart is that?! […]

Green Your Garden!

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to plan your garden. Flip through most gardening books and you’ll see pages and pages of excess — high-maintenance blossoms, exotic trees and shrubs, even trickling waterfalls and fountains. But all that lushness comes at a high price, both financial and environmental. Be Smartly Selective-Consider using hard […]

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Eat Sustainably: Get Farm Fresh Food Delivered

Don’t have time to run around to farmer’s markets? No problem, get Farm-Fresh Food Delivered. Find a community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm near you at or and pay a subscription fee for regular batches of local produce (and, in some places, grass-fed meat). If you’re worried about being able to use it all up, […]

Small Changes = Big Impact

“If 40 percent of American households bought only organic milk, it would change dairy production,” says Michel Nischan, co-owner of the Dressing Room restaurant in Westport, Connecticut, and author of “Sustainably Delicious.” “You really can be a hero one product at a time.”