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Vitamins Decrease Lung Cancer Risk by 50%

Vitamins Decrease Lung Cancer Risk by 50%
An eight year study of almost 400,000 participants, has found that those with higher blood levels of vitamin B6, folic acid and the amino acid methionine cut their risk of lung cancer by two thirds. Methionine, along with vitamin B6 and folic acid, helps the body to protect and repair DNA. So be sure to supplement a healthy diet with a multi-vitamin daily containing these vitamins.

Vitamin E for Anti-Aging

Vitamin E for Anti-Aging
Vitamin E is a key anti-aging vitamin that protects the skin and other cell structures in your body from free radical damage. Some researchers believe that vitamin E is the most important of all the anti aging antioxidants – the master vitamin. Nutritionists estimate that over 95% of Americans have a diet providing below the recommended dieatary level of vitamin E- recommendation is 100 mg/day.

Get Energized

B vitamins provide a natural energy boost. How? Vitamins of the B complex help breakdown foods into energy. This is where the energy boost comes from. Kapow! B vitamins are needed every day to keep you healthy, so replenish them often.

Traveling this Winter?

Germs can spread rapidly in the recycled air of airplanes, so protect yourself accordingly and take precautions to beef up your immune system starting about 3 days prior to any air travel. I am a BIG fan of Emergen-C since Vitamin C is a great immune booster. Emergen-C also comes in easy to carry packets that you can also take with you on the plane and in your luggage to guard yourself while you .

Maegan S. Feels Great Since She Started Taking B Vitamins!

Maegan S. had low energy, mood swings, and some PMS related symptoms – she had read about taking B complex supplements and also a B-12 vitamin supplement to help alleviate symptoms. She thought that would be a very inexperience remedy that was well-worth trying so she went to to purchase her vitamins and now is a very happy camper! She told me yesterday that in addition to having more energy and alleviating her .

Hyaluronic Acid has been helping customer relieve his arthritis pain

Since Mike H. let us know the Hyaluronic Acid has been helping relieve his joint range of motion in his hands, I have been wondering if anyone else has been having great benefits to this often not heard about supplement? Hyaluronic Acid maintains the lubrication of joints and allows them to preserve water for other tissues. By retaining an adequate amount of water, our joints are less likely to turn out to be fragile .