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Sunshine for Health

Once praised as a health treatment all by itself, sunlight has been relentlessly attacked by dermatologists and the cancer industry who have encouraged massive vitamin D deficiencies across the population. But now, as the importance of vitamin D is coming back to light, more and more people are turning to sensible sunshine exposure as a powerful, genuine health treatment with remarkable anti-cancer benefits.

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Easy Weight Loss Solution #2

Vitamin D for Weight Loss?
The evidence: In a study of 38 overweight men and women, University of Minnesota researchers found that those with higher vitamin D levels lost more weight when placed on a low-calorie diet. Additionally, Vitamin D is proven to be so important to health — in terms of bone strength, heart health, and cancer prevention — it should be incorporated into your health routine even if weight loss isn’t your top priority.

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Want to Live a Long Life? The Key is Exercise

Staying physically fit is a year-round lifestyle choice. Regardless of the season, it takes commitment and resolve to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. The payoff for such perseverance, however, is huge. Recent studies from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal indicate that exercise along with a diet that is low in sugar and high in nutrients including vitamin D3 and omega-3 EFAs may play a big role in one’s longevity and quality of life.

You could start slowly by walking around the block with a friend – it’s a great habit to get into. Don’t put it off any longer. Likewise, all of you need to make a conscious effort to dramatically cut back on your sugar intake. Instead of reaching for a can of soda, have a glass of water or some unsweetened green tea. There are some very safe and natural sweeteners that use stevia, which I highly recommend for those requiring a sweet taste.