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A New Year and New Healthy Eating Habits

jumpAs the holiday season draws to a close, many of us start to think about how to eat more healthfully in the New Year and perhaps try and lose those few extra pounds that might have crept up on us over the holidays. If healthy eating and cooking are on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, the NakedTruthNutritionist and EdibleNature are here to help you at every turn.

Whether you’re looking for organic bulk spices, natural supplements or the best advice on how to cook healthy weekday meals, we are here to help.

Make 2014 the Year of the Healthy, New You!

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Cold & Flu Prevention Remedies

If you tend to catch every winter bug that goes around, consider two supplements: the herb astragalus and a medicinal mushroom supplement that contains maitake, shiitake, turkey tail, or reishi mushrooms. Both remedies, long used in Chinese medicine, have antiviral properties that may ward off colds and flu. Like all “tonic” remedies, they have a cumulative effect and are meant to be taken daily. Ideally it’s best to start taking one or both in the early fall, before cold season begins, and continue throughout the winter.  But start now and enjoy good health!

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Vitamin E for Anti-Aging

Vitamin E is a key anti-aging vitamin that protects the skin and other cell structures in your body from free radical damage. Some researchers believe that vitamin E is the most important of all the anti aging antioxidants – the master vitamin. Nutritionists estimate that over 95% of Americans have a diet providing below the recommended dieatary level of vitamin E- recommendation is 100 mg/day.

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Safe Travels & Happy Tummy!

As you’re wandering the globe this season, steer clear of food-borne illness by getting your daily fill of garlic (in food or capsule form) and probiotics (through yogurt or acidophilus supplements). Garlic provides antibacterial action, and probiotics build up your gut’s beneficial bugs to counter harmful bacteria. If you do end up with a queasy stomach, taking an activated-charcoal supplement can help absorb the toxins and restore your digestive health.