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B.Y.O. Bag

For one week, count how many disposable bags you get. Make a couple of trips to the grocery store, grab lunch from your favorite sandwich shop, pick up a prescription at the pharmacy — it seriously adds up. In the United States alone, we go through 100 billion plastic bags per year, less than 1 percent of which get recycled. Bringing a sturdy tote wherever you go is one of the easiest Earth-friendly changes you can make -check out these stylish eco-totes!

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Wean Yourself off the Water Bottle

You know plastic water bottles are bad. But do you know how bad? Americans go through an estimated 70 million-plus water bottles a day, and a mere 14 percent get recycled. It’s not just that they’re taking up space in our landfills. Vast quantities of oil are consumed to make, transport, and dispose of them. What’s more, the manufacturing of plastic bottles actually requires two times more water than the bottles will ultimately contain-buy reusable water bottles instead, some even have filters!

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Little Changes Make A Big Difference

Eco Friendly Reusable Bags have seen their popularity surge in the past few years. They have a dramatically reduced environmental impact. So far this year nearly 318 billion disposable paper and plastic bags have been wasted and are piling up in landfills. Many countries across the globe are passing laws to tax or ban plastic bag usage and thankfully people are starting to act on the Earth’s behalf. Communities need to continue to strive towards a solution and be proactive about setting an example for others.If you’re a small business (or large business) but you’re not in the business of utilizing reusable bags, then consider getting some eco-friendly eco wear with your company logo and Go Green!

Additionally, with the world’s awareness of global warming and mankind’s ever-growing carbon footprint, it has become clear our negative impact on the earth isn’t just going to go away unless we make a proactive change on a mass scale. Seed paper products are a perfect solution for any company to convey they are making strides for eco-friendly business practices. From business cards to invitations, handouts to holiday cards, from packaging to bookmarks, and hangtags to calendars, when you’re done with it, plant it!