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Organic Grapes

Red grapes are famous for resveratrol, but they only produce it in response to a FUNGAL infection during their growth. So organic grapes have more resveratrol because they’re not sprayed with antifungals.

Stock Up on Natural Pantry Staples – Garlic

This superfood inhibits 72 known infectious agents, including those that cause the common cold. Garlic also protects against ulcers and may help eliminate metals, such as lead, from the body. A cornerstone of many cuisines, it’s also great on its own, roasted and spread on warm bread. Need garlic roasters or prefer garlic pills, find […]

Beauty Remedy – Walnuts

Rich in oil, walnuts make for extra-gentle sloughing. Blend 1/4 cup shelled walnuts or walnut hull powder, 1/2 cup olive oil (for extra emollients), and a tablespoon of honey (to seal moisture into your skin) in a food processor set on a slow speed, creating a fine-particle scrub. Standing in the shower (if you’re scrubbing […]