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Foods to Boost Natural Sun Protection-Tea

Foods to Boost Natural Sun Protection-Tea
Black tea, green tea and white teas are a rich source of the antioxidant EGCG. White tea contains the most as it is the least processed, followed by green, then black tea. Emerging research suggests that consumption and topical application of EGCG can help protect the skin from UV damage and skin cancer. One may need to drink 4-5 cups a day to reap the benefits from oral intake. You can also find it .

Great Sun Tea Recipe!

LEMONY HERBAL TEAThis lovely, light tea is delicious as a warm after-dinner beverage. It’s also refreshing when iced — as is or combined with a fruity juice.4 cups boiling water 2 tablespoons peppermint leaf2 tablespoons raspberry leaf4 tablespoons lemongrasshoney to taste (optional)Place ingredients in pitcher and place in sun for 2-4 hours.  Alternate method: Pour boiling water over herbs. Steep five minutes. Strain and serve. Sweeten with honey, if you like. Another option: Combine .

Herbs on Ice – Summer Teas

For nourishing refreshment, nothing quenches better—or is easier to prepare—than herbal iced tea.  Make your own with the help of the sun. Use your favorite herbs alone or in combination. Drink them plain or sweetened, or mixed with juices, sparkling waters, or natural sodas. Citrus Hibiscus – This colorful beverage brings a vacation on the beach to mind.1 tsp. peppermint 2 cups water1 tsp. rosehips 1 cup orange juice1 tsp. orange peel 1 cup cold sparkling water2 .

Stress Free Thanksgiving

Life this time of year can feel like a marathon of family gatherings, shopping, and general overdoing. Instead of relying on vast amounts of caffeine to keep up the pace, try a homemade herbal chai to build your body’s reserves. This energy-enhancing blend stars eleuthero (also known as Siberian ginseng), which helps the body adapt to stress; burdock to gently detox the liver; and licorice to balance the adrenal system (omit if you have .