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Rid Your Home of Synthetic Pesticides

Chemical weed, fungus, and bug killers all fit under this category and should be avoided both inside and outside of your house. Researchers have linked these pesticides to various forms of cancer, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; insecticides have been connected to brain damage in kids.  Combating an indoor bug problem is as simple as cleaning up […]

Eat Greener: Be Takeout-Savvy

Yes, to be really, really green, you would always cook at home with all that wonderful produce from your garden or the local farmers’ market. But sometimes, that’s not possible. Next time you place an order, say you don’t want any paper napkins; if every American gave up one paper napkin a day, we’d save […]

Eat Greener: Grow Your Own

It doesn’t get more local than this. Sure, you’re probably not going to grow enough food to feed your family every night. But if you have a wee bit of outdoor space or a windowsill, you can grow something. It’s much more satisfying to walk a few feet and pluck leaves for dinner than to […]

Limit Toxins In Bathroom

Use deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Sweat is normal, but blocking pores is not. Avoid deodorants that contain aluminum and phthalates, which are plastics to help the fragrance stay on our skin (blocks endocrine functions) and parabens.

Conserve Water: Go Meatless More Often

Food accounts for at least half of your water footprint…Eating less meat is the key to reducing it, because of all the water needed to raise the livestock. Start by skipping red meat — it takes 1,857 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef. (Pork, chicken, and lamb require much less.)