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Mold Remover

Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner; use it straight for tough jobs, or dilute it with water. Tea-tree oil is a natural fungicide and can help disinfect surfaces — mix 2 teaspoons with 2 cups water. To whiten stained tiles or grout, use a mixture of 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide to 1 cup water.All of […]

DIY Tub and Tile Cleaner

Vinegar works well on soap scum and mineral deposits, but rinse thoroughly, as it can corrode some fixtures and etch glaze on tiles. You can also try tea tree oil — 2 drops tea tree oil with 1 cup water — in a spray bottle. A natural antiseptic and fungicide, tea tree oil costs more […]

Buy Green Cleaners

Rid your home of fumy chemicals by replacing surface, glass, toilet, and floor cleaners with plant-based brands – try any of these quality green cleaners. Direct links of asthma and allergies to commerical cleaners have already been established.You may not have any asthma or allergy symptoms today, but unfortunately the fumes emitted from commercial cleaning […]