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Summer Skin and Hair Soothers

Summer’s fun in the sun—and wind and water—can take a toll on your skin and hair. If you’re feeling parched, itchy, or just plain droopy after summer fun, herbs can help nourish, relieve, soothe and refresh!

Hair-Raising Oil Pack
It takes a week to steep the herbs for this renewing treatment, so you may want to start a new batch as soon as you use up the old. Feel free to substitute other hair-nourishing oils for the olive oil. Coconut, almond, sesame, and jojoba are also good choices.
1 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon rosemary leaf (for dark hair) or chamomile fowers (for light hair)
1 tablespoon nettle leaf
1 tablespoon sage leaf
1 egg yolk, beaten

Place the oil and the herbs in a glass jar and cover. Let the jar stand, preferably in the sun, for about a week. Strain. When ready to use, mix in the beaten egg yolk. Apply the oil to dry hair, massaging into the scalp and along all of the hair strands. Wrap your head in a warm, wet towel. Leave on for an hour or more. Shampoo well and rinse with half cider vinegar/half water rinse solution.

Stay tuned for more great Soothers for Post Summer Relief….

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